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Securitor news

Securitor confirms new managing director

1 Sep 2014

Securitor has confirmed Mr Mark Fisher as its new managing director, a role he has been acting in for the past seven months.

Accountants need to consider advice options around SMSF

19 June 2014

Accountants providing advice on the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) should not automatically consider becoming licensed as the solution to the end of the exemption in 2016.

Securitor adds Zurich global fund to APL

11 June 2014

The Zurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund has been given the green light to be added to the approved product list of Westpac-aligned licensee Securitor.

Accountants need to consider advice options around SMSFs

6 June 2014

Accountants providing advice on the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) should not automatically consider becoming licensed as the solution to the end of the exemption in 2016.

Community spirit

1 June 2014

In a first for the annual Securitor conference, delegates this year were encouraged to volunteer three hours of their time to work in a community organisation.

Securitor and Licensee Select offer record CPD points

16 April 2014

Westpac-aligned groups Securitor and Licensee Select offered up a record number of continuing professional development (CPD) points to advisers attending their annual convention held in Hobart last week.

New education standards set at Securitor and Licensee Select's 2014 Convention

15 April 2014

Securitor and Licensee Select made a record number of Continuing Professional Development or CPD points available to advisers attending their annual Convention last week.

No need to become a licensed adviser: Securitor

3 April 2014

The removal of the 'accountant's exemption' in 2016 does not mean all accountants will need to become licensed as financial planners, according to BT dealer group Securitor.

Securitor backs referrals for accountants

03 April 2014

The removal of the so-called 'accountant's exemption' in 2016 does not automatically mean all accountants will need to become licensed as financial planners, according to Securitor.

Generosity, the quiet leadership trait

31 March 2014

Have you ever spent time across the business table from someone and thought "wow, I'm so glad we're spending time together"?
This has happened to me a few times recently and it got me thinking. What attracts me to these people so much? Why do they stand out?

A social network

14 March 2014

Financial planners have always found it beneficial to integrate themselves into networks where they can get to know prospective clients before starting a professional relationship. Now, the evolution of social media has opened up a new and efficient channel for connecting with consumers on a personal level.

SMSF licensing, Where are the opportunities

12 March 2014

Accountants are in the spotlight with the recent raft of SMSF reform. But with much of the attention being placed on the removal of the accountant's exemption and the need to get licensed, the opportunity is often overlooked.

Clients, not reforms should be the focus

10 March 2014

Financial advisers should focus on executing quality financial advice to more Australians and worry less about the disputes between Australia's political parties, according to an advice executive.

Three Steps to shift the obligation to opportunity

19 February 2014

When was the last time you thought about the sustainability and reputation of your AFSL?

Over 4 in 5 accountants need advice

12 November 2013

All signs point towards the convergence of the accounting and financial planning professions. These include regulatory reform, the removal of the accountant's exemption, large volumes of growth in the SMSF market and the strong case for building more sustainable business models.

Are you infectious?

20 November 2013

Recently I met a man who can only be described as infectious. Roger's passion and belief for what he does and how he wants to help others understand their financial well being emanated so strongly that I was moved to examine my own beliefs.

Quality or Quantity

22 October 2013

Due diligence on prospective financial planners and firms is front of mind for the parent companies of financial planning dealer groups if they want to stay out of the regulator's sights, according to a dealer group executive.

BT Financial Group's in-house equities team wins ratings

14 October 2013

BT Financial Group's in-house equities research team eQR Securities has been awarded three 'Highly Recommended' ratings for its model equities portfolios by global rating agent Independent Investment Research (IIR).

Technical Update - Federal Election 2013

12 September 2013

An update from Bryan Ashenden, Head of Technical Consulting, BT Financial Group, on the Federal Election results.

Securitor's Pre-Assessment Initiative

10 September 2013

Dealer group, Securitor, has reported solid productivity gains for advisers and clients following the launch of its underwriting pre-assessment 'Pre-view' service earlier this year.

Securitor Offers succession Planning Across Network

27 August 2013

Securitor will offer access to succession planning assistance via the group's dealer services to any of the 234 practices within the group that request it.

Securitor, Highest Advocacy in the Industry

22 August 2013

Securitor has been ranked by advisers as the best dealer group in the financial planning industry, according to research published by Investment Trends 2013 Planner Business Model Report.

Suspend Your Point of View

21 August 2013

Every now and then, if you're lucky enough, you get the opportunity to 'unlearn'.

Securitor Launches Online e-book Initiative

20 August 2013

Dealer group, Securitor, launched a new service earlier this month, intended to make it easier for its advisers to access and compare key information about the insurers and risk products featured on its approved products list (APL).

Securitor, Most Advocated Dealer Group 2013

20 August 2013

The latest Investment Trends report has named the Australian Financial Services Licensee with the highest levels of advocacy in the industry, as ranked by financial advisers.

Corporatising is No Accident, it's a Choice

15 August 2013

A real point of difference has emerged in the type of adviser and planning businesses Securitor are attracting, and it centres on the process of corporatisation.

Understanding the Business Model of the Future

25 July 2013

Where will the industry be in 2017? We recently posed that question to our advisory board to gain insight on how they see their future business model.

IFA: Are we playing nicely in the sandpit?

9 July 2013

With all the underlying vitriol between accountants and advisers, now is the time for the two professions to truly work together for mutual benefit.

Risk Info: Securitor Encourages Advisers to Get Social

30 April 2013

Securitor has launched a social media support program to help improve the engagement of its advisers with their clients and community.

Money Management: Securitor social media push to speak to planners and clients

1 May 2013

Securitor has rolled out a group-wide social media capability, with plans to use the platforms for professional development and technical training as well as providing a further point of contact with clients.

Securitor jumps on social media bandwagon

30 April 2013

BT-aligned licensee Securitor has initiated a social media capability through which its advisers engage online with clients and the wider community.

Bake a bigger pie

15 April 2013

Running a successful SME is about leveraging staff, parking limiting beliefs, collaborating on ideas and remaining accountable. Annick Donat, Head of Strategic Growth, Securitor and Licensee Select, discusses the important ingredients to "bake a bigger pie" in a small to medium business.

Dealer groups urged to measure adviser satisfaction

28 March 2013

With dealer groups across the industry struggling to retain planners, commentators are urging them to adopt the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to get a better understanding of advisers' satisfaction with their services. This article highlights how Securitor uses it's NPS score to measure adviser satisfaction.

Securitor has announced a new app for advisers

15 March 2013

The Securitor Facts and Figures app will provide a reference point for advisers regarding current tax, superannuation, retirement and social security rates and thresholds relevant to financial planning strategies.

SMSFs face a year of regulatory upheaval

4 February 2013

Bryan Ashenden, Head of Technical, discusses the many changes, both legislative and regulatory, that will have an impact on the SMSF industry from 2013, in Money Management.

Some commissions may survive in APES 230

22 November 2012

Money management article featuring Bryan Ashenden, BT Financial Group's Senior Manager for Technical Consulting.

Employer Spotlight, Matt Englund

19 November 2012

INTHEBLACK magazine puts the spotlight on Securitor Managing Director, Matt Englund.

Business Management magazine – Follow the leader

6 August 2012

In the first of a series of columns for Business Management magazine, our National Manager, Offer Development Annick Donat talks leadership and business acumen.

Securitor rolls out SMSF advice solution with accountants

28 June 2012

Securitor has commenced its training programs to FOFA ready accountants wishing to provide self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) advice to their clients. The training will empower accountants to take control of the future of their business and enhance the value their clients derive from their advice.

Securitor offers solution for accountants

06 March 2012

Securitor has launched a straight-forward practical solution for accountants seeking a seamless transition under the proposed regulatory framework that if implemented will lift the current "accountants exemption".

Securitor launches new research website

24 February 2012

Securitor has launched a new investment research and strategy website that gives advisers access to up-to-date, in-depth equities, product and thematic market research and commentary.